Version History

  • The word displayed for the artist gets color-coded to let him know what letters have been shown as hints.
  • Added a link back to the log-in page if you get disconnected.
  • Hints in multi-word rooms are now shown for all words (not just the first.)
  • More tweaks to the flood filter, it affects commands as well now.
  • Fixed bug that prevented guessing both words in multi-word rooms if the words were similar.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur at the end of game celebrations if you had the new Shockwave plug-in.
  • Tweaked the flood filter some more, it now works in the Game window as well.
  • New text flood control.
  • Changes to accomodate the new Shockwave plugin.
  • Various bugfixes.
  • Limit for the number of players from the same location that can play in public rooms.
  • Some new unsupported text commands...
  • Changed the chat blocker so that bad words in chat text will now be replaced by "***" instead of not showing at all.
  • Bugfixes relating to /MODIFY
  • Minor tweaks to the sound effects.
  • New emotes: /BYE & /CLAP
  • New custom room parameter to control the length of the pause between games.
  • Simpler scoring. Artist and 1st guesser both get 10 points. Additional guessers get 1 point less with a minimum of 5. The artist gets 1 bonus point for each additional correct guess with a maxmimum of 15 points in total. Clues cost 2 points each.
  • Various bugfixes.
  • Multi word support! A room can now have more than one word for the artist to draw.
  • Updated interface graphics together with a new "Appearance" setting to allow for customizations.
  • The "Create Room" screen is now split into "basic" and "advanced" settings.
  • New scoring system:
    • Finding the word is worth 100 points.
    • If someone finds the word and you haven't, you will have to pay him/her 10 points.
    • The artist receives the same score as the first guesser (minus any deductions for hints.)
    • The artist receives an additional 5 points for each successful guess after the first.
  • A new "Word value" indicator for the artist. It changes when hints are used.
  • New setting to lock the palettes, preventing them to be moved by accident.
  • Artists now decide if and when they want to give out clues, it's no longer done automatically by the server.
  • First hint is now the number of letters. Hence, it's not allowed to give the number of letters anymore.
  • Redesigned the top portion of the screen layout in-game.
  • "Basic" interface removed. Just one look now.
  • Possibility to rotate the tools palette. Double-click it to change between horizontal and vertical.
  • New "Warn Artist" button.
  • New setting to allow the sketch to be copied to the clipboard after every round.
  • Redesigned studio layout.
  • Room creation messages aren't sent out to players in the menu anymore.
  • New hyperlink shortcuts available instead of just typed commands in several places (like accepting an invite or a sent sketch.)
  • Message when the server is full.
  • Player count will be shown for each category instead of total count.
  • Bugfixes (like preventing messages with linebreaks to be sent.)
  • Bugfix when saving sketches. They could become corrupt.
  • Support for a new game type where the artist has a limited number of brushstrokes. Use "/SET S" to set the stroke limit in a custom room.
  • In order to locate your own text easier, your name is colored blue in the chat boxes.
  • Updated layout of the Settings screens.
  • /IGNORE now also blocks the ignored user's profile information (including the buddy icon)
  • New /COPYTEXT command that copied the text in the currently active text box.
  • Icons smaller than 64x64 pixels are now shown in their original size instead of being scaled up.
  • Redesigned Settings screen.
  • New optional image icon for your profile.
  • New list in Settings for easy maintenance of your notification list instead of just /NOTIFY.
  • New pop-up window when voting to boot someone.
  • You can now block user created rooms with "bad" names.
  • If you type /FIND by itself you will check the online status of all users in your buddy list.
  • Tweaked the limits on emotes to allow for a maximum of 3 emotes in a 10 second period.
  • The administrator can now remove/add voting privileges.
  • Bugfix: Using a name with " in it would return you to newbie status. This has now been fixed.
  • Some minor cosmetic adjustments in the chat text.
  • More improvements to the notifications: logons are now reported as soon as players join the game and you can have up to 25 players on notify.
  • Notification lists are now remembered between sessions.
  • Interface changes, the lobby is removed. Use the chat rooms instead.
  • New Symmetry tools in the Studio.
  • Optimizations to the roomlists to make them load faster.
  • Fixed preference bug that could cause users with damaged preferences to be unable to log on.
  • Finalized the server updates that will make it faster than ever. :)
  • Started making changes to make the server faster in order to reduce lag.
  • Important bugfix that fixes a problem that could cause brushstrokes not to be saved properly when the mouse was moved outside the canvas area and back in again.
  • Updated the drawing engine. Brushstrokes are now smoother than ever.
  • Tweaked the brush tool to have more consistent transparency when using smaller brush sizes.
  • Fixed a problem that could prevent small sketches (<3KB) from being sent.
  • Zoom tool. Hold shift to zoom out. Doubleclick the tool button to zoom out fully. Hold space while zoomed in to enable drag mode where you can click+drag to move around the picture.
  • Numeric keyboard now works for keyboard shortcuts (0-9 to change brush size and +/- to zoom in/out.)
  • Added a numeric size indicator to the size palette.
  • Limited the movement of the floating palettes so they can't be moved outside the screen.
  • Added a command to delete saved sketches.
  • Added a workaround so people using NAT will able to send sketches.
  • The Practice room has been changed into the "Studio" where you can save and load sketches. The files are stored locally on your computer.
  • New /FILE command to work with saved sketches.
  • New SEND functionality: There are no longer any size restrictions and the recepient can add to a sketch sent to him.
  • New SHOW command to send a sketch that can't be saved or edited by the recepient.
  • New size palette functionality with preview of the brush size.
  • Updated tools & palette graphics.
  • Possibility to remain in the lobby while in the studio.
  • Fixed stupid bug that made the white color chip generate a slightly pink color instead of 100% white.
  • Countdown timer that indicates the remaining time. When the word is found the timer turns red and starts counting down the grace period.
  • Sound level in preferences.
  • /VOLUME command.
  • Tweaked the scoring for the artist. It's now based on the number of players in the room.
  • Option to only show emote actions aimed at yourself.
  • Limited voting to max one vote every 30 seconds.
  • New pop-up menu that appears when you click and hold on a name in the userlist or on any line in the chat box.
  • New scoring: When the word is found, the guesser is awarded 100 points and the artist 125. Any following successful guessers receive 10 points less than the previous, with 50 points being the minimum. At the end of the round a bonus pot (totalling 5 points times the number of players in the room) is divided among all who found the word.
  • New /FLIRT command.
  • Sounds added to all new emote actions (/HI, /LOL & /FLIRT)
  • Emote actions limited to 1 per 20 seconds.
  • Option to only play sounds for emote actions when they are aimed at yourself.
  • Newbies are no longer able to vote.
  • Option to enable nickname completion for the TAB key (instead of windows toggling.)
  • New /HI (or /GREET) command.
  • Multiple simultaneous artists!
  • New roomlist with categories and filtering options.
  • Updated user interface graphics.
  • Meter in practice room indicating space available for a /SEND.
  • New players are now identified with a dot after their name in the userlist.
  • Improved advanced colorpalette.
  • Improved layout in preferences.
  • New voting feature for when the artist is using text.
  • Possibility to copy text from the lobby chat.
  • Maximum brush sizes are now 4x as large.
  • More detailed join & leave messages.
  • Possibility to turn on/off join messages (in addition to leave messages.)
  • More variations to the actions (/KISS, /HUG & /SLAP)
  • Changed the lobby layout (bigger text boxes.)
  • Administrators are now identified by having their names underlined in the userlist.
  • /USERCOUNT command to display the total number of players online.
  • Option to get "Leave" messages when someone leaves the room you are in.
  • Limits the username input field to max 12 characters.
  • Prevents you from entering more text than you can send in the text input field.
  • Fix to prevent the user- and room-list from jumping around when they are updated.
  • /DESC command to show the room description when you are inside a room.
  • /HELP & /INFO commands will now display a link to the instructions.
  • Improved the precision cursor so it's now visible over black areas.
  • Reduced bandwidth requirements for the lobby.
  • Command shortcuts: /M = /MSG, /J = /JOIN, /U = /USERS, /I = /IGNORE, /Q = /QUERY, /F = /FIND, /AFK = /AWAY
  • More information displayed when creating a room.
  • Fix for the "invisible draw"-bug.
  • New "sketch messages". Use /SEND & /VIEW.
  • Possibility to disable the end of game celebration.
  • Network optimizations for penstroke data.
  • End-of-game celebration.
  • Individual sound settings.
  • Precision cursor.
  • Possibility to hide actions (kisses & hugs etc.) as well as join messages in the Lobby.
  • Kicked players are blocked from returning to the room they were kicked from.
  • Notifications & votes now have sounds.
  • Fixes to prevent chat spamming & abuse.
  • Timezone calculation fixes.
  • Team scores are now shown again at the end of the game.
  • Uninitialized brush bug fixed.
  • Prevents use of room names that caused script errors.
  • Optimisations to reduce network traffic.
  • Scoring change: drawer get 25 points for additional correct guesses instead of the previous 10 points.)
  • Various bugfixes.
    You will need the recently released Macromedia Shockwave 8.5 plugin in order to use this version.
  • Fill tool!
  • Teams can now be formed. Use the /TEAM command to join a team.
  • Up arrow brings back the last line of text entered.
  • /NOTIFY keeps a lookout for your friends and notifies you when they log on.
  • /PARAM & /MODIFY make it easier to administrate custom rooms.
  • /STATS shows you how long you have been playing
  • /ACCEPT can be used after being /INVITE:d to a room to join it.
  • /SLAP command.
  • The /QUERY command can take an additional message that will be sent to the user you query.
  • The wordlist in use will be shown when you enter a custom room.
  • You can now stop the iSketch logo from animating by clicking on it.
  • The server will let you know if you try to use a username that is registered or already in use.
  • The roomlist should scroll faster under Windows now.
  • Players can now create their own customized rooms.
  • Players can become room operators and use new text commands to change the settings in a room.
  • Rooms can have player limits. If a room is full it will be grayed out and it won't be possible to join it.
  • Hints for phrases with more than one word will now give the first letter in each word instead of just the first one.
  • /USERS command will now tell you how many users there is in a room as well as their names.
  • The input area has been changed to allow for copy/paste.
  • Text input over 200 characters is ignored in order to prevent flooding.
  • Changed the logon sequence to reduce the number of "ghosts" in the lobby.
  • /KISS & /HUG commands added.
  • Fixed problem with having a private chat active when you left the lobby.
  • Workaround to prevent the TEXTXTRA crash in Windows. This caused clients running Windows to crash after about an hour. Macromedia is working on a fix for the Shockwave plug-in, but this will prevent people from crashing in the meantime.
  • Some bugfixes to the profile pop-ups.
  • Private messages are colored blue in order to make it easier to keep track of discussions in the Chat box.
  • The correct word is now displayed in bold text to make it easier to see.
  • New overlay messages that appear in the drawing area instead of in the Game box.
  • /INVITE command.
  • Network protocol optimizations.
  • The game now detects when the iSketch server is down and lets you know about it.
  • /PROFILE & /CLEAR commands added.
  • The previous painting is now automatically saved in the clipboard. Paste it into your favourite image-editing program and save it for your gallery. :)
  • /COPY command that copies the current image to the clipboard.
  • Bugfixes for the shapes buttons.
  • "The Lounge", a new type of no-scoring room where you pass on the drawing.
  • The previous "advanced interface" is now the default, the old interface is now called "simple interface" in the preferences.
  • Improved floating palettes.
  • New lobby with chat.
  • Improved roomlist with more information about the rooms.
  • Practice room is back.
  • Fixed some bugs in the /AWAY and /JOIN commands.
  • The Game and Users windows switched places. Having the Game window closer to the drawing area makes it easier on the eyes.
  • Added pop-up windows that appear with user profiles when you move the pointer over a name in the userlist.
  • You will now automatically enter in a private chat with the user you click in the userlist.
  • If you hold down shift while clearing the paper, it will be filled with the current color instead of white.
  • New lobby with more information, including playernames in a pop-up window.
  • The join messages are now routed to the currently selected window instead of always appearing in the Game window.
  • Added the possibility to list all currently connected players by typing "/USERS"
  • New /JOIN command, to quickly jump between rooms.
  • Reduced the memory requirements by optimizing graphics.
  • Tweaked the networking code in order to reduce lag.
  • /PING command to measure the network lag.
  • Changes to try to prevent browser crashes on Windows under low memory conditions.
  • Removed the blocking of the game window after a correct guess. The window will still turn grey to indicate that you got the word, and no, you won't be able to guess the word multiple times. ;)
  • Fixed bug that prevented text from appearing in the chat box.
  • Fixed bug that could cause guesses in French and other non-english languages to be ignored.
  • New gameplay: correct and close guesses are hidden and the round won't automatically end when someone finds the word.
  • Two different interfaces to choose from.
  • Separate preference screen with optional personal info.
  • New movable drawing tools palettes.
  • New text commands: /USERS, /TIME & /WARN.
  • The number of total users are displayed in the room & user list.
  • Circle shapes are sized from the center.
  • Players that are away from the game are marked grey in the userlist.
  • Bugfix for the eraser that made it transparent.
  • Added a warning at startup for users running in 256 colors. Running in 256 colors will make the game operate exteremely slow. The game will try to automatically set a higher bitdepth.
  • New text command: IGNORE.
  • Defintion button for the French room.
  • Fixed a long standing bug that caused the color of shapes to become darker than expected after using the line tool.
  • Adjusted the spray tool. The brush is now circular and the smaller sizes are more visible.
  • Added new IRC-like commands: WHOIS, FIND, QUERY & AWAY.
  • Fixed some bugs with the keyboard shortcuts.
  • The current tool will now remain selected after clicking the clear button.
  • The password text entry box will hide the actual password as you type it.
  • The pen is now the default tool.
  • Tweaked the opacity of the brush tool.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with the tool buttons.
  • The shape tools are now 3 buttons instead of 6. Click twice to toggle between filled/non-filled mode.
  • Eyedropper tool. (shortcut: hold alt-key)
  • Pen tool. Similar to the brush but draws opaque lines.
  • Spray tool.
  • Fixed some bugs in the color handling of the shapes.
  • Some tweaks to make the game more responsive to network traffic while drawing.
    This is a HUGE update, among the features added are:
  • Totally redesigned brush tool with semi-transparent, antialiased brush strokes!
  • Completely new graphics.
  • Bigger game area. It now requires at least 800x600 resolution.
  • New drawing-tools interface which is visible only when it's your turn to draw.
  • Greatly improved palette, with an optional "advanced palette" with hundreds of colors.
  • New eraser tool.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • 16 different brush sizes. (Some only available with the keyboard shortcuts.)
  • A "Definition" button that will explain the word in the english rooms. It uses the excellent Merriam-Webster Online Thesaurus/Dictionary.
  • Possibility to make the text bigger.
  • Fixed text buffer, so the game won't slow down or lock up when you play for very long periods.
  • Made the textboxes not to scroll to the end when new text comes in, this makes it much easier to scroll back and read text.
  • Fixed some bugs in the extended ASCII translation.
  • Added support for French. All accents and umlauts should be translated between Mac / PC now.
  • Fixed the /ME command to use character translation as well.
  • Added a special sound when it's your turn to draw.
  • The game now restores your old bitdepth setting when you exit if this has been changed.
  • Changed the chat text formatting.
  • Changed scoring. It's not based on time anymore.
  • Added support for German.
  • It's now easier to change rooms, click the "ROOMS" button to leave the current room and select a new one.
  • The room you join is now shown in the browser status area. This was requested by someone that forgot which room she was in. :-)
  • Corrected the "Username" caption that looked like chinese on PCs... :-P
  • Added some IRC-like commands. You can now use /MSG to send private messages and /ME to perform actions.
  • Added option to turn off the sound.
  • Added the Tab key as a shortcut to toggle windows.
  • Improved chat functionality by adding a second window. There is now one window for game messages and one for chatting. Click the window to select which one you want to write to.
  • Added private messaging. Click a name in the userlist to activate private chat.
  • Updated the hint sound.
  • Bugfix to make sure words with swedish characters are displayed correctly.
  • Text flooding protection implemented. A user can't send empty lines and if text is sent too fast, the user won't be allowed to type for 10 seconds.
  • The userlist is now sorted with the highest score at the top.
  • Small change of the user-interface layout.
  • Added a change in the way the current word is displayed for the artist. It's now displayed where the hints normally are. This way it won't scroll off your screen in busy games!
  • Initial release version.