Game Rules

The object of the game is to draw a word known only to you, and based on your drawing, other players try to guess the secret word. You can use any artistic method to make your drawing easier to guess. However, you are not allowed to use non-artistic clues, such as writing letters.

Use these helpful methods to render your drawings:

Ear symbol: Indicates that the puzzle sounds like the word you are drawing. For example: If the word is "fox", draw an ear and a box.

Other Symbols: Symbols used in grammar, math, etc. are allowed. Chemical symbols are not allowed, as they are almost always abbreviations of the word. Mathematical formulas are allowed. For example: The word "equation" can be rendered using "x + y = z". Punctuations in the puzzle can be given out in your draw without having to use the hint button.

Numbers: You may use numbers in clues, (i.e., use the number 2 for "two" or "to") - including numbers that are already in the puzzle. You must not use numbers to represent letters as done in techno jargon. For example: Do not write 533 for the word "see". Roman numerals are allowed; do not mistake them for letters.

Word Count: In multiword rooms, you can give out the number of WORDS (not number of letters) in your puzzle.

Syllabify: You may divide the word into syllables or parts by slashing the line (that represents the word) and then rendering each syllable/part. You may not draw the syllable/part if it's only 1 letter. Leave it blank and concentrate on the others.

Let's keep it fair! If any of the following occurs, you will possibly be skipped by an administrator, or receive a kick vote from a player. If the word is too difficult, skip it; do not write the word out! Repeated attempts at violating the rules may result in a kick or permanent ban.

Letters: Never use letters - whether or not they are related to the puzzle. Examples: Drawing a character saying "Shhh"; writing "STORE" on a building for the word "shop", writing "R.I.P." on the tombstone.

"Drawing" individual letters: Rendering any letter/s within the word individually using any kind of symbol, icon, code, color, hint, stress, etc. is not allowed. Examples: Drawing an apple for the letter "A", an eye for the letter "i", umlaut on the space where the letter goes, the color green for the letter "G", drawing another image whose first letter is the same as the letter in question. This rule does not apply to single-letter words in multi-word puzzles.

Word "mapping": Indicating a part of a different word to reveal the secret word.

Illegal use of hints: As artist, only after you have clicked on the HINT button can you freely give the number of letters in the puzzle or draw spaces representing the letters in the puzzle.

Giving away the answer:
As guesser, after you have successfully guessed the word, feel free to talk in the "Chat" window. However, do not direct other players to the word. For example: typing the current word with spaces in between, giving the actor's name for a movie title, etc. Comments about the current puzzle are acceptable, but do not give leading hints. It is alright to note that a player has misspelled a word; however, do not give the correct spelling of the word.

Improper conduct: Deliberate drawing of unrelated and/or sexually explicit/racist images; giving out the word in any way; harassing other players; using offensive language directed at other players; impersonating an iSketch administrator by username choice or otherwise.

Specialty Room Conventions
Some rooms are played according to guidelines over and above the general iSketch rules. Adopting these conventions will make the game play easier for everyone.

Include the previous guessed word into the current drawing. The idea is to connect the two unrelated words into your drawing. If you just joined the room, obtain the last word from the players.

Big Picture / Movies (Expert):

The words in the puzzle may NOT be drawn individually, rather incorporated into one image.


Two artists draw a phrase simultaneously and cooperatively. The ways this can be achieved are:
1. Using the sequence the artists' names are displayed on the game window, artist 1 draws the first word on the left side of the board and artist 2 takes the other word on the right side.
2. Both artists decide to create a "big picture". In this case, the artists can communicate by writing "BP?" on the board. Do not vote to skip the artists.

Famous Faces:

Designed to allow enough time to render a face as accurately as possible. Players can open in a separate browser window. Make sure both the Google and iSketch window are movable, i.e., not maximized. When it's your turn to draw, put a dot on the canvas, so the server won't think you're sleeping. Type in your celebrity's name on Google. Reposition the Google window so that you can view it while you are drawing. Copy the picture you selected as well as you can. Have fun!




baker's dozen
Numbers, blanks for word count,
Syllabifying by slashes, where each part
is at least 2 letters.
Ear symbol to indicate a rhyme ("sounds like")
42nd Street
Numbers already in the puzzle
Formulae, equations
I, Robot
"Sounds like"-sketch for single-letter words
cinnamon roll
"BP?" (Big Picture?) in Tandem rooms
for teams to plan drawing strategy
Universal symbols (math, grammar, currency, etc.)
Shortcuts for syllables

Let's keep it fair! If any of the following occurs, you will possibly be skipped by an administrator, or receive a kick vote from a player. If the word is too difficult, skip it; do not write the word out! Repeated attempts at violating the rules may result in a kick or permanent ban.

Writing synonyms or definitions

Writing "sound effects"

icons or "sounds like"-sketches for a
single letter within the word
pink iPod (in Big Pic room)
Drawing words individually
Word "mapping"
time flies
Giving the lettercount without (or prior to) clicking on the HINT button

Symbols to indicate that the word belongs
to a certain class, e.g., verb

Drawings intended to shock and confuse

By joining a game, it is assumed that you have read and understood all rules and will abide by them. Remember, if you do not find these rules acceptable, you are still welcome to play in our custom rooms under your own rules.

The rules outlined anywhere on this site are the basis for all Administrators' assistance and action in game rooms. The Administrator's decision is final with regards to any rule explicity or implicitly stated on these instructions pages.