How to play

The game consists of 10 rounds where one person is given a word to draw, while the other players will try to guess it within a designated time.

As the Guesser: Click on the "Game" window to make it yellow, meaning it's active. Type in your guesses in the text input box. Your guesses are visible to the other players except when you are close to, or have guessed the word. When you have guessed correctly, your name will turn red. The quicker you guess the word, the higher your score.

As the Artist: You will have a specific amount of time to draw the word. You will be able to see the guesses and know how the players are doing. Clicking on the "Give HINT" button will reveal blanks corresponding to the puzzle. The second click will supply the first letter of the word. The third click will give out the second letter. Because hints will significantly increase your chances of getting the word guessed, your score will be reduced by 2 points per hint.

As soon as a player has guessed the word, the hint button will disappear. You have the option to conclude the game as soon as one player has guessed the word, by pressing the "DONE" button. If you wish to pass on the word, press the "SKIP" button.

The round will end when any of the following occurs:
  1. Time runs out.
  2. The artist decides to end the round. This is done by clicking SKIP or DONE.
  3. The artist doesn't draw anything within the first 20 seconds.
  4. After a set time (usually 20 seconds) following the first correct guess.
  5. If enough players press the "Warn Artist" button when the artist violates any drawing rule.
  6. If any rule is violated and the artist is skipped over by an administrator.


The artist receives 10 points for the first correct guess.
One (1) point for each additional guess is awarded, up to a maximum of 5, and a total earning potential of 15 points per round.
Two (2) points is deducted for each hint used.

The first guesser is awarded 10 points.
The 2nd guesser is awarded 9 points, 3rd guesser gets 8 points and so on, with a minimum of 5 points.

The scoring system ensures a big payout for guessing quickly, drawing effectively and getting as many correct guessers as you can. While using the hint button helps with your drawing and therefore getting more players to guess your word, use only when absolutely necessary.